IT Futures

University of Edinburgh

Friday 10th December 2021, McEwan Hall, University of Edinburgh

After a one year absence due to COVID the University of Edinburgh IT Futures conference is back!!  We are bigger, bolder and will now be in full hybrid – allowing both digital and in person attendees. This year we will locate the conference in the beautifully restored McEwan Hall.

The subject of this year’s conference is  “Hybrid and other teaching changes in a Post-COVID world” . As usual we will look to inspire, challenge and look into the future as we face and embrace some of the extraordinary changes shaping higher education teaching. Technology, digital pedagogy and the adoption of both accelerated during the pandemic with many innovative approaches and experimentation. We have a full day packed with fascinating and innovative speakers as we contemplate teaching changes in a post-COVID world. The Principal will address the conference; Professor Sian Bayne and Dr Ben Williamson, as our Keynote, will talk about the latest thinking and research in this area; Professor Rhona Sharpe, Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Oxford, will speak about her thoughts on the future; and we have many others who will share their thoughts, ideas, trials and successes.

I hope you will join our conference and I look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes,

Gavin McLachlan Vice Principal, Chief Information Officer and Librarian to the University

Conference Programme

08:45-09:30Registration in person/online (with refreshments for those attending in person)
Professor John Lee – Professor of Digital Media, Director for Design and Digital Media, University of Edinburgh.
09:35-10:00Opening address – Professor Peter Mathieson
We are delighted to have the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh open the conference this year.

Q&A session 10:35-10:45
Keynote: Digital Education: modes, frictions, futures
Dr Sian Bayne – Professor of Digital Education, University of Edinburgh) and Dr Ben Williamson – Chancellor’s Fellow, Centre for Research in Digital Education at Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.

This talk will focus on the various digital futures that are being imagined for universities, drawing on the conversations that are taking place across the research, policy and corporate spheres. It will analyse a range of possible trajectories for the sector, and drill down into the key issues that we need understand as we collectively configure the future for our own university.
10:45-11:05Refreshment break

Q&A session 11:25-11:35
“The report of my death was an exaggeration” – Campus Learning in the Edinburgh Curriculum
Professor Colm Harmon – Vice Principal Students, University of Edinburgh

In his comment, Colm will discuss the nascent curriculum transformation at Edinburgh, and will give his perspective on what we might see evolve in relation to the shape and structure of future learning at Edinburgh, as the Univeristy looks towards the middle of the decade for what we want to deliver to students.

Q&A session 12:05-12:15
What shall we keep from the pandemic? Reflections on values-based decision making
Professor Rhona Sharpe – Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Oxford
. Read the abstract at Abstract.
12:40-13:05Meet the Speakers
Delegates have the opportunity to join a virtual question and answer session with Professor Peter Mathieson, Dr Sian Bayne, Dr Ben Williamson, Professor Colm Harmon and Professor Rhona Sharpe.

Delegates who are attending in person at McEwan Hall will join the session via their own laptop/tablet/mobile from the venue. Details are included in joining guidance for both in person and virtual delegates which have been circulated ahead of the event via email (please ensure spam/clutter folders are checked if the email is not in your inbox).
13:15-13:30Summary from ‘Meet the Speaker’ sessions

Q&A session 13:50-14:00
A Moving Experience: challenges, successes and lessons from ‘pivoting’ a large class and teaching team.
Dr Ashley Lloyd – Senior Lecturer in Information Management, University of Edinburgh
. Read the abstract at Abstract.
14:00-15:15A series of short presentations from University of Edinburgh staff discussing “Experimenting in Teaching during COVID”:
14:00-14:10Professor Tim Drysdale presents, ‘Remote laboratories – low-cost practical work and new pedagogical opportunities’. Read the abstract at Abstract.
14:10-14:20Dr Neil Speirs presents, ‘Digital Triumphalism – a cautionary tale’. Read the abstract at Abstract.
14:20-14:30Celeste McLaughlin and Dr Cathy Bovill present, ‘Learning together in a global pandemic: Practices and principles for teaching and assessing online in uncertain times’. Read the abstract at Abstract.
14:30-14:40Dr Jane Hislop and Brian Carlin present, ‘MSc in Clinical Education: Lessons Learned. Read the abstract at Abstract.
14:40-14:50Dr Denitsa Petrova presents, ‘A Flipped Classroom in an Online and Hybrid Environment’. Read the abstract at Abstract.
14:50-15:15Question and Answer Session
15:15-15:30Refreshment break

Q&A session 15:45-15:55
COVID Impacts on the student experience: Ups, Downs and Unresolved
Lara McGowan – University of Edinburgh Student, Business with Marketing

Lara will take the time to tell you about her personal experience of learning at the University of Edinburgh before, during and post-pandemic.

Whilst the subject is broad and highly subjective, she will take you through an example of a student journey, highlighting the ups, downs and potential areas of development that could be beneficial for both lecturer and student in the future.

Q&A session 16:10-16:20
Hybrid Classroom – 21st Century Learning
Craig Paterson – Communications Officer, University of Edinburgh

A guided tour through the Hybrid Classroom pilot currently active in the University of Edinburgh, aimed at augmenting the learning experience for the post-COVID 21st century and beyond.
16:20-16:30Closing remarks
Gavin McLachlan – Vice-Principal and Chief Information Officer, and Librarian – University of Edinburgh

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