IT Futures

University of Edinburgh

Gavin McLachlan and Prof Mark Parsons

Joint Presentation


The future of Research IT: towards a comprehensive, integrated Research IT Services and e-infrastructure for the University of Edinburgh.



As quantitative research spreads to most scientific disciplines and Data Science & Analytics become key enables for research across the University, it is important to envision the future of Research IT at the University. We will present a proposal for a future Research IT infrastructure, that will help researchers transform their research and accelerate the research lifecycle. A comprehensive set of integrated Research IT e-infrastructure services, encompassing compute platforms, storage, advanced research data management services and platforms, research administrative services, research publication services, collaborative tools, advanced analytical platforms and tools, research software development services, citizen science and cloud funding/sourcing tools, IT and digital training and Information security services will empower the researcher of the future.



Gavin is Chief Information Officer and Librarian to the University of Edinburgh. Gavin is overall manager of the Information Services Group, which includes Computing Services, Learning Technology Services, and Library, Museum and Gallery Services.

Mark joined EPCC, the supercomputing centre at The University of Edinburgh, in 1994 as a software developer working on several industrial contracts following a PhD in Particle Physics undertaken on the LEP accelerator at CERN in Geneva. In 1997 he became the Centre’s Commercial Manager and subsequently its Commercial Director. Today he is EPCC’s Executive Director (Research and Commercialisation) and also the Associate Dean for e-Research at Edinburgh. More details here.






























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