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Anne Marie Scott

Ms Anne-Marie Scott


Replay Highlights: Lessons from lecture recording at scale


The University of Edinburgh has been using lecture recording technologies for nearly a decade. Over the last 3 years usage has increased significantly within academic Colleges in response to the challenges of supporting a diverse student population across a distributed campus. Launched in September 2017, Media Hopper Replay will scale considerably over the next 2 years to equip 400 teaching spaces for lecture recording. Alongside new IT, a comprehensive programme of training is in progress covering topics from accessibility and copyright through to use of in-classroom equipment, flipped classroom teaching and the Replay system itself.

Lecture recording is often described as an inherently student-focused technology. This presentation will focus on the experience of staff and students from the first semester of Replay operation, highlighting the ways in which lecture recording is changing how staff and students interact, and outlining areas for further focus or research as we continue to expand.


Anne-Marie Scott is Deputy Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services, within the University of Edinburgh Information Services. Her background is in the development and management of academic IT services, particularly those used to support teaching and learning activities online. Amongst her interests are scalable online learning platforms, learning analytics, and the use of media and the open web in teaching and learning.



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